CULINARY MISCHiEF is a by-invitation only monthly six-course food and wine tasting event started in Phoenix, Arizona and quickly expanded to all the major cities around the globe including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Florence, Italy, and now London! Thirty passionate food and wine lovers come together in an elegant loft space or unique location to share an exclusive dining experience with friends or people with similar interests.

CULINARY MISCHiEF was created by award winning Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, a passionate Italian born Chef and wine lover based on the belief that a food and wine tasting experience is not complete if it is not shared with fellow foodies in the spirit of fun and pursuit of a great time.

In a short amount of time, CULINARY MISCHiEF gained raving reviews and was quickly named the 'BEST UNDERGROUND DINING EVENT' by national and international publications including Gambero Rosso, Food and Wine and La Cucina Italiana. Following the success it quickly became one of the most anticipated and requested events all over the U.S.A and Europe.

Restaurant tasting menus offered wine tastings that were paired with courses, but that often become so expensive that it's unattainable beyond a special occasion. Going to a restaurant and having a tasting experience with friends isn't typically an option either.

CULINARY MISCHiEF fills this void by providing a fun, casual food and wine tasting event where we encourage discovering the meaning of living through culinary adventures. People can sit with a group of friends, meet new people with similar interests and have a high quality food and wine experience in a unique and refined atmosphere.

Due to the intimate nature of these events, details of the location will only be provided for guests who'd like to RSVP. Our menus and locations are one-night only dining events. Each evening is a once in a lifetime experience. We hope you will join the fun, creating memories and cheering to 'LA DOLCE VITA' with Chef Gabe and his Staff.